Kurzgeschichten in Sammlungen von Ian Watson

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The Very Slow Time Machine

The Very Slow Time Machine
Thy Blood Like Milk
Sitting on a Starwood Stool
Agoraphopia, A.D. 2000
Programmed Love Story
The Girl Who Was Art
Our Loves So Truly Meridional
Immune Dreams
My Soul Swims in a Goldfish Bowl
The Roentgen Refugees
A Time-Span to Conjure With
On Cooking the First Hero in Spring
The Event Horizon

Die Räume des Paradieses Sunstroke and Other Stories

The Rooms of Paradise
Returning Home
The Milk of Knowledge
Jean Sadwich, the Sponsor, and I
A Letter from God
To the Pump Room with Jane
Flame and the Healer
The Call of the Wild: The Dog-Flea Version
The Artistic Touch
The World Science Fiction Convention of 2080
The Thousand Cuts
- The Book of Ian Watson

The Flags of Africa
Shrines and Ratholes (Part I)
Imaginary Cricket
Roof Garden Under aturn
Towards an Alien Linguistics
The False Braille Catalogue
The Love Song of Johnny Alienson
The Crudities of Science Fiction
The Big Buy
Who Can Believe in the Hero(ine)?
Showdown on Showdown
UFOs, Science, and the Inexplicable
Some Sufist Insights into the Nature of Inexplicable Events
Dome of Whispers
Down the Mine
A Cage for Death
Up the Pole
Shrines and Ratholes (Part II)
The President's Not for Turning
April in Paris
Some Cultural Notes and Pest Control
The Culling
The Pharaoh and the Mademoiselle
- Slow Birds and Other Stories

Introduction: In the Hothouse
Slow Birds
The Width of the World
White Socks
Ghost Lecturer
Mistress of Cold
In the Mirror of ?he Earth
Universe on the Turn
The Flesh of Her Hair
The Mystic Marriage of Salome
The Bloomsday Revolution
- Evil Water and Other Stories

Cold Light
When the Timegate Failed
The Great Atlantic Swimming Race
The Wire Around the War
When Idaho Dived
On the Dream Channel Panel
The People on the Precipice
Skin Day, and After
Evil Water
Kreuzflug Originalausgabe
Der Mond und Michelangelo

Salvage Rites and Other Stories

Salvage Rites
The Moon and Michelangelo
Jewels in an Angel's Wing
The Legend of the Seven Who Found the True Egg of Lightning
Letters from the Monkey Alphabet
Day of the Wolf
The Mole Field
The Emir's Clock
Lost Bodies
Samathiel's Summons
Aid from a Vampire
When Jesus Comes Down the Chimney
The Resurrection Man
Joan's World

- Stalin's Teardrops

Stalin's Teardrops
Gaudi's Dragon
In the Upper Cretaceous with the Summerfire Brigade
The Beggars in our Back Yard
From the Annals of the Onomastic Society
Lambert, Lambert
Tales from Weston Willow
In Her Shoes
The Human Chicken
The Case of the Glass Slipper
The Pharaoh and the Mademoiselle
The Eye of the Ayatollah
- The Coming of Vertumnus and Other Stories

The Coming of Vertumnus
Swimming with the Salmon
The Bible in Blood
Happy Hour
Talk of the Town
Looking Down on You
The Tale of Peg and the Brain
Life in the Groove
Virtually Lucid Lucy
The Odour of Cocktail Cigarettes
Nanoware Time
- The Lexicographer's Love Song
- The Great Escape

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Roof Garden Under Saturn
- Das Geheimnis der Matrix
Exploring the Matrix
Hrsg. Karen Haber, Heyne
"Matrix als Simulakrum"


Early, in the Evening
- "-"
Hot Stuff
- "-"
Vile Dry Claws of the Toucan

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